What is State Central Committee?
Central Committee is an unpaid, elected position where the sole purpose is to serve the voters.
The Baltimore City Democratic State Central Committee is made up of the members elected in the Democratic Primary during gubernatorial elections from the legislative districts that make up Baltimore City. The Democratic State Central Committee of the 40th District serves three important responsibilities:

  • To support the Maryland Democratic Party by collectively working together to advance party values.
  • To help voters elect Democrat nominees to city, state, and federal offices.
  • To vote for the replacement of a Delegate or Senator from the 40th District if an individual cannot finish his or her term.

Why is Central Committee important?
You get to vote for up to 7 people for Central Committee. This past year Baltimore City experience 6 vacancies, 2 of which were in the 40th District. It was the Central Committee who voted in the vacancy process to appoint a replacement.

Why should Central Committee matter to you?
The person you elect will have the authority to vote in the case of a vacancy.

Why I’m Running?

Now more than ever, the Baltimore City Democratic State Central Committee needs dedicated individuals, especially millennials, that are committed to promoting Democratic values. I’m running to advance Democratic values and help voters elect Democrat nominees to city, state, and federal offices, who will stand up for important issues such as quality education and economic fairness. I’m running because I’m a proud Democrat and I want to ensure the Democratic Party is effectively engaging all Democrats.